Jenny Leigh


Jenny Leigh Artist - her About me page.

My art is extremely low-tech, making simple earthy bundles that manifest a shamanic flavour, whilst acknowledging our roots in the wild natural cycle of life and celebrating the essential interconnectedness of everything.



I have mainly followed the urge to make things.
It started with stitching and knitting dolls clothes, and scrapbooks of ballerinas carefully snipped from ‘Bunty’.   

Eventually I was lucky enough to go to art school in the ’70’s, when a grant was enough to live on, and space, materials and tutor encouragement was generous. I studied ceramics.

After college I worked a lot with fabric, free-painting it in the 80’s for jazzy clothing and furnishings. Later, for some years, I was more interested in interior design - hand-painting furniture and special finishes on walls, before returning to ceramics and textiles.

In the 90’s I spent a lot of time teaching, and learnt simple african ways with batik and tie-dye whilst working as a lecturer in Ghana.

By the turn of the century I once again fell in love with clay and most of my urge to make was with this material. I made stoneware pieces for the garden, figures and fountains and vessels.

Now settled with my partner, in the beautiful English countryside outside Ross-on-Wye, the urge is to make 3D mixed media textile figures and paintings. 

Long may the urge continue.